Pets bring happiness and joy into our lives, just like the victories of our favorite teams, so why not combine them. Ohio state dog apparel, offers a multitude of adorable pet clothing items that will make your dog look cute, simultaneously reflecting your support for your team. For instance, Ohio state dog shirt comes in several shapes and colors, so you can pick one that suits your dog’s coat color best. Moreover, you can even make a beautiful set for your dog by picking a matching Ohio state dog collar.

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  1. Oxford Dog Tee Shirt
    Oxford Dog Tee Shirt
  2. Dog Polar Fleece Vest
    Dog Polar Fleece Vest
  3. Brutus Dog Sweater
    Brutus Dog Sweater
  4. Dog Band Uniform
    Dog Band Uniform
  5. I Bark for the Buckeyes Dog Tee
    I Bark for the Buckeyes Dog Tee
  6. Black/Red O-H-I-O Dog Collar
    Black/Red O-H-I-O Dog Collar
  7. Red Dog Jersey
    Red Dog Jersey
    Regular Price $24.99 Special Price $17.99
  8. Pet Scarf with Collar
    Pet Scarf with Collar
  9. Buckeyes Football Dog Lead
    Buckeyes Football Dog Lead
  10. Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
    Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
  11. Red #1 Ohio State Dog Jersey
    Red #1 Ohio State Dog Jersey
  12. Red Athletic Logo Paw Collar
    Red Athletic Logo Paw Collar
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